As the work continues at a pace in King Street for Thorne Properties, we are pleased to confirm that the new gas and electricity supplies have been laid for the two bedroomed luxury flat, 29a. The flats are looking amazing inside and we look forward to showing you pictures of the finished product shortly. Email to ensure you are the first to hear about when the luxury 2 bedroom apartments are ready.
Colin Purdy and his team have been hard at work fitting the galvanised steel stairs to the rear of the Thorne Properties development at 29 King Street. The stairs will lead to the luxury two bedroom flat upstairs which will be known as 29A King Street. As soon as the other stairs are back from the foundry the rest of the pieces will be fitted together and the work upstairs can begin in earnest. For information on the flats please contact
The numbers are in and it's been confirmed by the council that the two luxury two bedroom flats being renovated at King Street by Thorne Properties will be numbered 29 (downstairs) and 29a (upstairs). Thanks to Stuart at Doncaster council for his assistance with this.
The blog might have been quiet recently during the world cup, but the renovation work at King Street in Thorne has been progressing at pace! Slowed by the combined might and intransigence of the utility companies the completion date for the luxury two bedroom flats for rent has been pushed back to the first of September. Word has been spreading around Thorne though about the properties and expert local builder Colin Purdy has been inundated with local residents wanting to view and secure one of the two flats. To register your interest use the contact form on the homepage or email us with your details at
The newly fitted kitchen in the ground floor flat at 29 King Street in Thorne.
Ping! Another email reaches us at Thorne Properties regarding the two bed flats to rent on King Street in Thorne.


Do the flats on King Street have off street parking? I want to move in with my boyfriend Tim but he will only move somewhere which has secure off street parking.


Name Withheld

Thank you for the email, and don’t worry Tim and his ‘princess’ will be safe and sound in the secure off street parking at King Street. Behind the large flats lies an even bigger space for parking cars, and each flat will have at least one designated car sparking space. The car park is accessed via one of two gates which can each be locked. Keep checking back to the website as photos of the car park will be coming shortly.

For more information on the flats please contact us at

Always eager to please and following a question from blog reader Pindy, here are the imperial measurements for the ground floor luxury two bedroom flat for rent on King Street in Thorne near Doncaster.

- Bedroom 1 - 11.15 ft x 9.15 ft.     102 sq. ft
- Bedroom 2 - 6.98 ft x 9.05 ft.       63 sq. ft
- Lounge - 19.16 ft x 11.74 ft.        225 sq. ft
- Bathroom - 7.74 ft x 8.66 ft.        67 sq. ft
- Kitchen - 11.31 ft x 10.82 ft.        122 sq. ft
- Hallway - 9.58 ft x 4.98 ft.            48 sq. ft

Total size - 627 sq. ft

So whether you like your measurements in metres or feet, there can be no denying that the flats that Thorne Properties are developing on King Street are HUGE!

or ring us on 07935 955898 to ensure that you are one of the first to hear about how you can rent one of these flats.
With the final structural work complete on the ground floor flat at King Street in Thorne, expert local builder Colin Purdy has been able to measure up each room of the luxury ground floor two bedroom flat. As we knew the flat is huge! Measurements for each room can be seen below.

- Bedroom 1 - 3.40m x 2.79m.   9.48m2
- Bedroom 2 - 2.13m x 2.76m.   5.87m2
- Lounge - 5.84m x 3.58m.        20.90m2
- Bathroom - 2.36m x 2.64m.    6.23m2

- Kitchen - 3.45m x 3.3m.          11.38m2
- Hallway - 2.92m x 1.52m.        4.43m2

Total size - 58.29m2

It's difficult to convey just how big these flats are, and everyone that has visited them has been wowed by the size. More pictures will be coming soon so keep an eye on this blog for updates. We will be arranging viewings of the flats shortly, so make sure you complete the 'Contact Us' form on the homepage or email us at, or ring us on
07935 955898.
The emails are coming thick and fast at the moment into Thorne Properties headquarters, as interest in the renovated flats on King Street in Thorne reaches fever pitch. Today's email comes from a Ms Pun.

Hi there Thorne Properties.

My soon to be husband and I plan on relocating to Thorne to start a family, how suitable are the flats for small children?

Regards K

Thanks Kate for getting in touch, and for a great question. As I'm sure you know Thorne is a great location to start a family, with 3 excellent primary schools (Thorne Brooke Primary, Thorne Greentop School, and Thorne King Edward Primary) all within half a mile of the luxury two bedroom flats on King Street. For those with slightly older children the excellent Thorne Academy is again only half a mile away.

With regard to the flats themselves, naturally the ground floor flat would best suit your needs, as you and your husband to be wouldn’t have to worry about negotiating any stairs with prams. The large size of the second bedroom means that even if you were lucky enough to have triplets, space wouldn’t be an issue.

The first floor flat with even bigger bedrooms would ideally suit someone with slightly older children who are able to navigate the outside staircase. Good luck with all your plans for what I'm sure is an interesting few months ahead.

If like Kate you have a question, please drop us a line at

Another recent email to Thorne Properties (thankyou for sending them through, we do enjoy reading them) brought up another interesting question that I wanted to share.

Hi Thorne Properties,
What is your policy on renting to DSS tenants? I want to rent one of the new flats in King Street, Thorne but am currently out of work. I used to have an IT security company but it didn't work out and am now on job seekers. Could I still rent one of the flats?
Name and address withheld

Thanks for getting in touch Ali. Don't worry, yes, you still can rent one of our luxury flats which will be available from July. Thorne Properties consider each applicant to rent one of our two bedroom flats on their respective merits, and the fact you might currently be claiming job seekers would not be a barrier. As well as the usual checks that we undertake for all tenants (credit check, references etc.) we would though also require a guarantor for the rent. Good luck on the job hunt!

If you have any questions, ring us on 07935 955898 or drop us a line at
Over the bank holiday weekend Colin Purdy and his team have been excavating the kitchen of the ground floor flat in order to lay modern damp proofing and insulation. The property Thorne Properties are renovating was built in 1756, although where the kitchen is located was a more recent addition to what was historically a stables. Digging down over two feet we uncovered multiple layers of previous foundations that have been added over the years and uncovered several artefacts including this clay pot amongst the 8 tonnes of rubble and concrete which we removed. In its place we are adding the latest insulation and modern building materials to ensure that the kitchen will be strong and secure for the next 250 years. For more information contact us on 07935 955898 or drop us a line at