Thorne Properties are pleased to announce the launch of their new logo. As shiny and new as the two bedroom flats being renovated for rent on King Street in Thorne, the new logo will be used across all of our printed and online media.

Thanks go to Nick for his great work in the development of the logo. Thorne Properties heartily recommends his work, so get in touch directly with him at or via 99designs where his username is '99unique'.

So what do you think? We look forward to hearing your feedback!
Great to see that the new steel frame gates have been fitted to Thorne Properties flats at King Street. The steel frame gate with wood inserts was built and fitted this week by Colin Purdy and his team. Honourable mentions to the team at Misson Gates for the design of the gates. These super sturdy and stylish gates are a welcome addition to the two bedroom flats Thorne Properties has for rent on King Street.

For more information contact us on 07935 955898 or drop us a line at
Secure gates in place
Adding the joinery to the steel frame
Colin finishing the joinery on the gates
A recent email to Thorne Properties brought up an interesting question that I wanted to share.

Dear Thorne Properties,
What is your policy on pets in the rented flats? I want to rent one of the new flats in Thorne but have a large snake that would need to come with me.
Alan Wilson

Thanks for getting in touch Alan. As animal lovers, Thorne Properties always consider requests for pets in our properties on a case by case basis. A snake would be no problem at all, as we have first hand experience knowing what great pets they make. Please do contact us if you have any questions at

Having spoken to many prospective tenants, Thorne Properties are well aware of the importance that tenants place on light and airy rooms. The south facing gardens of our latest property on King Street in Thorne are blessed with the sun's rays all day long. To capitalize on this sun trap, the luxury 2 bedroom ground floor flat has had a top of the range patio door fitted so that the room will be bright and airy throughout the year. Thorne Properties are committed to providing excellence throughout our two bedroom flats, so that the tenants who are lucky enough to secure one of these spacious flats will want to make it a home for years to come. For more details on how and when you can rent a prime flat on King Street please contact
The rear window of the ground floor flat on King Street, Thorne, near Doncaster

Mid way through the removal of the window and the insertion of the new patio doors

Light flowing in through the new patio doors to the luxury two bedroom ground floor flat on King Street

As we continue our drive to create modern luxury two bedroom flats that will be the pride of King Street in Thorne, we are mindful to stay true to the character of this historic building. As a result we have removed the bay windows which were a recent addition to the building and stripped it back to windows in the style of such a classic building. Utilizing the most advanced double glazed technology to provide maximum security and heat, these windows just like the flats will be good for generations to come. We are receiving inquiries thick and fast with regard to renting these luxury 2 bedroom flats in the bustling centre of Thorne, Doncaster, so to ensure you don't miss out contact for more details.
Property on King Street with the bay windows which were added in the 1960's

First of the high security double glazed windows fitted

Both windows expertly fitted to provide maximum warmth and noise reduction, with the house returned to its original design and style

Great progress is being made on King Street in Thorne as Thorne Properties continue at a pace with the renovation of a decaying Georgian property into two luxury two bedroom flats which will soon be available for rent. Here Thorne Properties skilled master craftsmen can be seen stripping the period property down to its foundations in what will be the huge living room of the groundfloor flat. Over the course of the day, 9 tonnes of rubble were removed as the Thorne Properties team dug down to ensure that the latest in damp proofing technology could be applied so that the luxury two bedroom flats will still be looking great in the years to come. For more information on the flats and how to rent them contact us on 07935 955898 or drop us a line at
Thorne's best property developers are powered through the long days by Thorne's best bakery Clarke's. Whilst developing the new two bedroom flats on King Street which will soon be available to rent, Clarke's exquisite Savoury's have been keeping the team of master builders sustained as they update the flats for the 21st century. If you have never had one of Clarke's beautiful Savoury's then you are missing out, best served hot they promise to fill satisfy even the hungriest builder. 
'The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid' - Thomas a Kempis - 14th Century

What was true over 600 years ago is still just as true as today. That is why Thorne Properties are currently digging down deep to ensure that their latest property has the most efficient damp proofing in place and solid foundations through out. Yes its back breaking work, but we are digging deep to ensure that solid foundations are being laid for future peace of mind and comfort. For more information on renting what will be a luxury two bedroom flat please contact
Thorne Properties are pleased to announce that work has begun at their newest development in Thorne, the restoration and conversion of a historic 18th century building into two, two bedroom luxury flats. The top to toe renovation will preserve the original character of the building but with 21st century style and features. This blog will be charting the progress of the work as it progresses to becoming the most desirable rented property in Thorne. All work is being conducted by expert builder Colin Purdy. For more information about the flats please contact 
Thorne Properties telephone line is now OPEN! For more information about the 2 luxury two bedroom flats which we are developing on King Street in Thorne please contact us on 07935 955898.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!