Colin Purdy and his team have been hard at work fitting the galvanised steel stairs to the rear of the Thorne Properties development at 29 King Street. The stairs will lead to the luxury two bedroom flat upstairs which will be known as 29A King Street. As soon as the other stairs are back from the foundry the rest of the pieces will be fitted together and the work upstairs can begin in earnest. For information on the flats please contact


06/10/2016 2:51pm

Thank you for your sharing. Stair case adds more beauty to your home.

10/03/2016 5:43pm

This is one of my favorite Led Zeppelin's song . They are cool!

10/03/2016 5:45pm

This apartment looks so small. How much is it?

10/03/2016 5:46pm

I would wait for construction to end and then we would get more info. Thanks.


This house is kinds cute. I bet it's finished now. I need to see some recent photos.


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