The emails are coming thick and fast at the moment into Thorne Properties headquarters, as interest in the renovated flats on King Street in Thorne reaches fever pitch. Today's email comes from a Ms Pun.

Hi there Thorne Properties.

My soon to be husband and I plan on relocating to Thorne to start a family, how suitable are the flats for small children?

Regards K

Thanks Kate for getting in touch, and for a great question. As I'm sure you know Thorne is a great location to start a family, with 3 excellent primary schools (Thorne Brooke Primary, Thorne Greentop School, and Thorne King Edward Primary) all within half a mile of the luxury two bedroom flats on King Street. For those with slightly older children the excellent Thorne Academy is again only half a mile away.

With regard to the flats themselves, naturally the ground floor flat would best suit your needs, as you and your husband to be wouldn’t have to worry about negotiating any stairs with prams. The large size of the second bedroom means that even if you were lucky enough to have triplets, space wouldn’t be an issue.

The first floor flat with even bigger bedrooms would ideally suit someone with slightly older children who are able to navigate the outside staircase. Good luck with all your plans for what I'm sure is an interesting few months ahead.

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01/14/2017 7:32am

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01/19/2017 10:34am

I guess you are right. Tell me more about these King Street flats, please.

07/04/2017 12:10am

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11/26/2017 10:26pm

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