Always eager to please and following a question from blog reader Pindy, here are the imperial measurements for the ground floor luxury two bedroom flat for rent on King Street in Thorne near Doncaster.

- Bedroom 1 - 11.15 ft x 9.15 ft.     102 sq. ft
- Bedroom 2 - 6.98 ft x 9.05 ft.       63 sq. ft
- Lounge - 19.16 ft x 11.74 ft.        225 sq. ft
- Bathroom - 7.74 ft x 8.66 ft.        67 sq. ft
- Kitchen - 11.31 ft x 10.82 ft.        122 sq. ft
- Hallway - 9.58 ft x 4.98 ft.            48 sq. ft

Total size - 627 sq. ft

So whether you like your measurements in metres or feet, there can be no denying that the flats that Thorne Properties are developing on King Street are HUGE!

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Just what I've always wanted...a revolving Bookcase leading to another room.

09/23/2016 9:10am

That place is really huge! So much space there, it is very cool to live there!

10/03/2016 5:57pm

Lounge zone is really huge. I love a big sized comfort flats.

11/07/2016 1:11pm

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04/12/2017 7:09am

Really huge! I'm dreaming about such space) I think it's great)

12/10/2017 6:59pm

Wow, this flat is pretty big indeed. I am not sure I can afford such flat right now.


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