A recent email to Thorne Properties brought up an interesting question that I wanted to share.

Dear Thorne Properties,
What is your policy on pets in the rented flats? I want to rent one of the new flats in Thorne but have a large snake that would need to come with me.
Alan Wilson

Thanks for getting in touch Alan. As animal lovers, Thorne Properties always consider requests for pets in our properties on a case by case basis. A snake would be no problem at all, as we have first hand experience knowing what great pets they make. Please do contact us if you have any questions at info@thorneproperties.co.uk



03/04/2017 6:43am

Pet is the animal that gives you protection and also gives you the entertainment. The selection of the pets depends upon the person desire. Mostly people love dogs and relation between the dog and the human are good. Here you can see in this picture a lady love their companion snake.


Wow! The woman who has the snake handled like it was just an ordinary animal is really brave! I am not actually into snakes. I am definitely afraid of them. I am totally in awe of this woman. But of course, I want to experience this as well. I want to know how it feels to have a snake in your bare hands. I think that would be the creepiest, yet amazing feeling I will ever experience.

09/09/2017 4:23pm

It is not wrong to say that after home, an animal hospital is the next important thing for your lovely pet. It is essential to select the one for your pet so that in case of an emergency you can take your pet without any delay.

09/11/2017 4:22pm

A Marine Aquarium Maintenance Checklist (The Salt Creep). “I understand saltwater aquariums are a lot of hard work.


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