Great progress is being made on King Street in Thorne as Thorne Properties continue at a pace with the renovation of a decaying Georgian property into two luxury two bedroom flats which will soon be available for rent. Here Thorne Properties skilled master craftsmen can be seen stripping the period property down to its foundations in what will be the huge living room of the groundfloor flat. Over the course of the day, 9 tonnes of rubble were removed as the Thorne Properties team dug down to ensure that the latest in damp proofing technology could be applied so that the luxury two bedroom flats will still be looking great in the years to come. For more information on the flats and how to rent them contact us on 07935 955898 or drop us a line at
Thorne's best property developers are powered through the long days by Thorne's best bakery Clarke's. Whilst developing the new two bedroom flats on King Street which will soon be available to rent, Clarke's exquisite Savoury's have been keeping the team of master builders sustained as they update the flats for the 21st century. If you have never had one of Clarke's beautiful Savoury's then you are missing out, best served hot they promise to fill satisfy even the hungriest builder.